Friday, December 7, 2007

(Remote) Control

I figured I would start my first topic off in a lighthearted manner. At first I thought that this may be a very specific case of "differences in opinion," but the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that I am not the first to cross this bridge.

My husband and I have very dissimilar tastes in entertainment. I prefer to watch comedies and sitcoms. I also like the occasional soap opera, or prime time programming. My husband, on the other hand, likes sports. Not just a little. If the TV is on, you can bet that there is going to be a sport involved. Now, I can appreciate variety, being the spice of life and all. But this is seriously cutting into our together time. There's no sense in either one of us sitting through a few hours of something that we don't enjoy, but is there a way to compromise? Can we work through our remote control issues?

I doubt that this problem stems deeper than the remote, it's simply a difference in taste. But I'd like to find way that we can spend a little more time in the same room without either of us feeling like we're being tortured with unwanted TV programming.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This blog has been created to share the joys and tragedies of marriage. As a recent member of the "married" club, I find myself wondering about the dynamics of the relationship that I've entered into. No longer an "I", but a "We." My stuff isn't my stuff anymore, it's our stuff. Gifts won't be from me anymore, they will be from us. But these are just a few of the surface issues that stem from marriage. These are the topics I hope to explore further in this blog. As a married 20 something I feel like my life is just starting to take off. After college, figuring out career goals was a big enough step, now I have family goals I need to sort through. How many kids? Where should we live? Do we need this, that, nothing, or everything???

Since the moment I got engaged I have been given advice from everyone (people I know and, yes, people I don't.) Everyone seems to have marriage figured out and, from what I've gathered, everyone thinks it's something different. A few bits of contradicting advice I have encountered: "Never go to bed angry" to "Never give in to him" and "Choose your battles" to "Don't give an inch." Needless to say, all this advice has left me confused.

As overwhelming as it all seems, marriage has proven to be profoundly rewarding so far. Yeah, now there are two to worry about, but now there are two- and that's pretty nice. I've created this blog to inspire thought and yes to harvest advice. Any advice. Each relationship is just as unique as each person, so while advice A may work for you, advice B could be better for me. I plan to post different scenarios, wonders and woes of marriage. They can range from silly to serious. I welcome your own experiences and advice with marriage, whether you've been married for a week or 50 years.

I just ask that your comments do not contain any inappropriate content, such as strong language or lude scenarios or they will be removed.